Product Warranty


As part of our promise to deliver only the best lighting products available to our contractors, our “Warranty Match” is designed to help cover the labor cost it takes to replace the manufacturer’s warranty part. In other words, The Landscape Lighting Store shall pay up to $20.00 of your labor cost for each part replaced that is still under manufacturers warranty.

See details and conditions below:

  • No more than $300 shall be reimbursed to the contractor for their labor cost to replace a warranted product for each total project. This payment shall be made in the form of a credit to be used to purchase future products from The Landscape lighting Store. 
    • Any Credit obtained shall be available only to contractors who have an account with the Landscape Lighting Store
    • A warranty claim form shall be filled out and filed under your clients folder in your Landscape Lighting Store Portal
    • All warranty claims shall be signed by the contractor and their client
    • Proof of purchase from The Landscape Lighting Store is necessary
  • Properly installed lighting systems shall be identified as having a completed Lighting Wiring Calculation Sheet which can be obtained from The Landscape Lighting Store
    • The Lighting Wattage Calculation Sheet includes:
      • Transformer quantity and type
      • Quantity of fixtures
      • Total runs on transformer(s)
      • Total Wattage on each run
      • Wire type
      • Voltage drop calculations
      • Wiring completed with Butt connectors and Heat Shrinking Material
    • A limit of $300.00 of credit obtained from past warranty claims can be used on new orders.
    • Credit can not be used for taxes and/or shipping